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I like to tell this story to my friends and new found hobbyists in the body rub forum: if you wish for a relaxing, sensual body rub from a well-known and hot (I mean double d and big ass hot) then you need to check how Jessi is doing!

This is not a review, just a story of a timed-love encounter. Well, this might be a review of a body rub girl, but those details are not really pertinent to this sensual encounter.

Jessi is well-known for her scantly dressed photos that she posts in her Backpage Ad in the Miami Body Rub section. And I’m sure many veterans know who Jessi is just by saying her name.

“Oh yea, she that big tits and ass girl that gives body rubs. yea, she’s awesome. I saw her many times!”

Well, for this veteran. I’ve seen her a handful of times. She is very centrally located in Miami…very near me. Which I find very convenient because most hot body rubs girls are located in Fort Lauderdale. Right on Coral Way, in a small plaza with unknown storefronts that make you wonder who really goes and buys things from these places. But they’ve been around doing business so it’s money laundering or business is good…whatever the case, Jessi’s business was booming. So she set up shop upstairs in her private office.

Parked and proceeded upstairs. There’s a lawyers office there and not sure what else but Jessi’s office is at the end, cradled away in it’s corner. I opened the door (she told me to just go right in when I find the room). and Bam!

A hot short blonde girl, that is stacked with fake boobies and an ass that you just want to bite into and don’t let go. She’s not the girl in the pic (I don’t think she ever puts her pics up in Backpage) but she’s close to it.

She showed me the way, told me to get naked and that she’ll be right back. Why do all body rub girls do this? Who knows?

When she came back I was naked on the bed. She closed the door behind and she proceeded to undress. Plus from having a hot porn sex body, she’s a good talker and very witty and makes you feel relaxed.

It was a decent rub. On the flip I was at attention and she took care of me. So much that I had to pop. It was just too hot. For some reason having a hot girl rub me, and grabbing on to some ass just makes me go crazy, so crazy that it leads me to embarrassment.

But she told me not to worry. That it was just a test-run. So she proceeded to get little me back into the game. Rubbing and slapping it on her titties, Get it oiled up. Having me suck on her nipples and lick her ass cheeks.

I got up quick. And then she took her time working her routine magic on me. Base attention, ball attention head attention. She got it so hard that I almost blew her away on the second time. Cum everywhere. Which she enjoyed very much. She loves to see and feel it pop on her.

Do yourself a favor and visit this Miami icon, Jessi. Call her 786-470-5070

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  1. Velma

    May 8, 2013

    This review couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this review reminds me of my previous roommate! He constantly kept preaching about how to give a body rub. I am going to forward this post to him. Pretty sure he’ll have a very good read and learn the ins and outs of body rub specialities, especially how Jessi gives those sexy rubs..

  2. LBR - body rubs

    July 10, 2013

    awesome story. Your so right, in Miami it is extremely hard to find hot providers buried inside the 100’s of fake pics you find all over the place.

    Thanks for the write up. Great work!

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